Supported Features:
The InfobloxSync app will act as a subnet syncing device between your ACI fabric and Infoblox NIOS appliance. As of now, automatic population and syncing of DNS records from ACI to Infoblox is not supported. Changes made in the Infoblox do not impact ACI configs.

Functionality of the App:
-This app will create the following extensible attributes on the Infoblox appliance:
-Bridge Domain | Tenant
-An Infoblox network view is created based on Tenant & VRF information.
-Subnets in ACI will be automatically populated and synced within the Infoblox NIOS appliance on the "Data Management" -> "IPAM" page

User Guide:
-Enter Infoblox appliance IP Address, Username, and Password on configuration screen within the InfobloxSync app.
-In you Infoblox NIOS appliance GUI, navigate to the "Data Management" -> "IPAM" page and select the dropdown menu next to the "Network" column. Select "Columns" -> "Edit Columns..." and select "Bridge Domain | Tenant" as visible.

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Start the infoblox script upon user submit



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Posted by Tomas De Leon

Tested or tried to test with 2.2(1o). You can install app on APIC and add the ip address, username, and password for the Grid manager but nothing happens. No faults.

Posted by Marc Pritchard

There is one important step that is missing in the current app description. You will need to enable HTTP access to your APIC. Do so by going to Fabric -> Fabric Policies -> Pod Policies -> Policies -> Management Access -> default and switching HTTP admin state to “Enabled”.

Posted by Marc Pritchard

1) All required instructions for installation are not included in the set up instructions. 2) Incorrect contact email is listed. 3) Only HTTP access is available, which will not work in most production environments. *Please add HTTPS support*

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