Minimum Requirement 2.2(1a)

Version (last updated): 1.0
Company: Cisco



# Introduction

This application is used for troublsehooting connectivity issues between fabric-fabric endpoints and fabric-remote endpoints.

# Components

This application is composed of:
- a frontend: web UI requesting the admin password, Source and Destination Endpoint IP addresses
- a backend: docker container that queries the APIC to retrieve the endpoint MO and does the ftriage between endpoints.

# Workflow

The workflow for this application is the following:

1. The user opens the application, fills the “admin” password.

2. When the user fills the Source IP field and clicks the search icon, this triggers a request from the frontend towards the backend:

APIC IP/appcenter/Cisco/fTriage/get_ep_mo.json

3. At the backend side, upon reception of this request, the web server queries the APIC for the endpoint and determines if its a fabric endpoint OR remote endpoint and returns the MO.

4. Upon reception of the reply from the APIC, the web server forges a response with the MO and the frontend displays the MO in a dropdown.

5. Steps 2,3 and 4 repeat for the Destination IP as well

6. when the user clicks the “fTriage” button, ftriage is run between endpoints and the output is returned as response to the frontend.

7. Upon the receipt of the ftriage output as response, frontend displays the output for the user


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Get ftriage output
get the MO of given ep



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Posted by Wilhelm Putz

Seems not to work with ACI 3.0. Tried on an ACI 3.0 Multipod setup and an 3.0 Single POD setup. Always quits with ftriage: error: *****: No BD/enc-rtd found for if Po*** and encap ****