Minimum Requirement 2.3(1a)

Version (last updated): 1.0
Company: Cisco


The Fault Analytics app provides the ability to analyze historical Faults and Configuration changes (also known as Audit Logs) that occurred in the ACI setup.

* View details of Faults and Audit Logs over a selected period of time displayed in a time series chart.
* Adjustable time interval of interest that can be set from the last 24 hours to the last 12 months, as well as a custom time range.
* Multiple filters are available to focus on Faults and Audit Log entries of interest.
* Fault metrics can be organized by Tenant, Node, Type, Domain, etc...
* Dashboard windows can be created by selecting a bar of counts, where each Dashboard displays several metrics widgets.
* A table of individual Faults appears below these charts, ordered by time.
* Individual slices of each pie chart can be selected to filter the Faults table by that selection.
* Once a fault is selected in the table, all configuration changes that happened before that fault’s time-tag are displayed in an Audit Logs table below it; the look-back time is configurable.

Resources and Limitations
The app is currently set up to use a maximum of 2Gb memory and retains data for 30 days, after which older data is deleted. There is a 100k limit on the number of data points retained, after which new Faults and Audit Log entries are dropped. A message appears on the app once the database limit is reached. Given these limitations, we expect the app to be used in a small to medium-sized setup.


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Average Rating

Posted by Malik Makour

I am receiving this error: "The application can not be run because it has validation errors. Please uninstall it." Cisco should add checksum to these files, how are we supposed to put Apps with admin Access if we cant verify the checksum.

Posted by Christopher Jowett

download is broken

Posted by Oleksandr Kreshchenko

Was nice at first look, but for some reason stopped data display after about a week since installed.

Posted by Woo Hyung Choi

This is a very useful tool for viewing Syslog. However, an error occasionally occurs when it is executed.