The Fault Analytics app provides the ability to analyze historical Faults and Configuration changes (also known as Audit Logs) that occurred in the ACI setup.

* View details of Faults and Audit Logs over a selected period of time displayed in a time series chart.
* Adjustable time interval of interest that can be set from the last 24 hours to the last 12 months, as well as a custom time range.
* Multiple filters are available to focus on Faults and Audit Log entries of interest.
* Fault metrics can be organized by Tenant, Node, Type, Domain, etc...
* Dashboard windows can be created by selecting a bar of counts, where each Dashboard displays several metrics widgets.
* A table of individual Faults appears below these charts, ordered by time.
* Individual slices of each pie chart can be selected to filter the Faults table by that selection.
* Once a fault is selected in the table, all configuration changes that happened before that fault’s time-tag are displayed in an Audit Logs table below it; the look-back time is configurable.

Resources and Limitations
The app is currently set up to use a maximum of 2Gb memory and retains data for 30 days, after which older data is deleted. There is a 100k limit on the number of data points retained, after which new Faults and Audit Log entries are dropped. A message appears on the app once the database limit is reached. Given these limitations, we expect the app to be used in a small to medium-sized setup.

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Posted by Oleksandr Kreshchenko

Was nice at first look, but for some reason stopped data display after about a week since installed.

Posted by Woo Hyung Choi

This is a very useful tool for viewing Syslog. However, an error occasionally occurs when it is executed.

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