The Enhanced Endpoint Tracker maintains a database of endpoint events on a per-node basis allowing for unique fabric-wide analysis. The application can be configured to analyze, notify, and automatically remediate various endpoint events. This gives ACI fabric operators better visibility and control over the endpoints in the fabric.

Features include:

1. Easy to use GUI for viewing endpoint state and events within the fabric
2. Per-node event history for each endpoint in the fabric. This allows administers to quickly verify that each node in the fabric has learned an endpoint correctly
3. Analysis and Notifications for the following events:
a. Endpoint move
b. Off-subnet learns
c. Stale endpoint
4. Notifications can be sent via syslog and email
5. Automatically clear off-subnet endpoints
6. Automatically clear stale endpoints
7. Manually clear an endpoint through the GUI on user-selected nodes

For more details, refer to the online documentation at:

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Posted by Austin Peacock

Awesome app. Immediately uncovered some stale endpoints that we saw in the fabric and, after clearing them, fixed several connectivity issues. It's good to have this app on the fabric to keep stale endpoints from accumulating.

Posted by Carlo Schmidt

This is great. We had some performance problems but after contacting the dev on he recommended a fix. Running it on a dedicated VM now. A+++

Posted by Harshil Jhaveri

Doesnt run on 2.3.1i

Posted by Marcelo Alcantara

Not working with any 3.1

Posted by Rebecca Sporbert

Not working in ACI 3.0(2h)

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