The ELAM Assistant performs ELAM to capture a packet and decode the result.

+ What is ELAM(Embedded Logic Analyzer)?
ELAM is a built-in tool that captures a single packet at the ASIC level to check forwarding decision details.
It is typically used by Cisco TAC as it requires a deep knowledge of each ACI ASIC to both perform and corretly understand the resulting output.

+ What this app does?
This app wraps the differences between each ACI ASIC and provides a UI to perform an ELAM capture for those who don't have access to ASIC level information.
It then decodes this results of the ELAM capture in a user friendly format.

+ How this app works?
It will SSH to selected nodes via the APIC infra addresses within the overlay-1 VRF to perform the ELAM, then obtain real time information from the node to decode the result.
Once the SSH session is established, it keeps the sessions opened until manually cleared in the app or the app is restarted. This is to accelerate subsequent executions.

+ Others
It currently does not support LEAF/SPINE switches with 1st generation ASICs (i.e. PID without -EX/-FX)

This app is still in Beta. Any feedback is welcome!!
Please send any feedback or issues if any to

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Posted by Roland Ducomble


Posted by Andrew Gossett

Excellent app for troubleshooting packet flows through ACI

Posted by Daniel Pita


Posted by Michael Brikov

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