# Cisco Tracker (cTrac)

The Cisco Tracker is a Cisco ACI application that monitors interfaces configured for
External connectivity SVI and have a "monitor" keyword in description of the logical
Mo l3extRsPathL3OutAtt. Based on the interface state (that is Operation state up or down)
application performs operation(add or delete) on nexthop ip configured for the static
route for l3extRsPathL3OutAtt.
Application maintains a database for logical l3extRsPathL3OutAtt, static route and nexthop
ip address configured for the monitored interfaces.

Features include:
1. Easy to use GUI for viewing External Interface configured to monitor.
2. Easy to use GUI for viewing any nexthop that was added or deleted by the application.
3. Automatically update GUI ever 2.5 sec
4. Ability for user to add/delete interface for monitoring by add/delete keyword from
the configuration and just hit a refresh button provided on the GUI

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Re initiate driver_program
Get static routes for the interface



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Posted by Sonu Kumar Khandelwal

Excellent APP. Useful when static route points to a SVI and BFD can't enabled to remove the route when SVI goes down.

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