Contract Viewer

Version (last updated): 1.24
Company: Cisco


The Contract Viewer provides a convenient way for a user to view the traffic flowing between EPGs and their associated contracts.

1. Hovering/clicking a particular EPG allows one to view the traffic flow of that particular EPG
2. Hovering/clicking a contract gives one a Contract View of that contract.
3. Clicking the Eye icon i.e Compact View gives a overall view of the setup.
4. The App can be zoomed and dragged around.
5. The Filter View allows one to view the filters that are associated with each contract and the rules associated with them. Use this view to see which filters are associated with each EPG. This view provides you useful data such as the protocols, source and destination port numbers.
6. In the Contract View, the packet count tells you the traffic hit count associated with an EPG which is the number of packets that passed through that EPG.
7. The Play, Rewind and Pause buttons allows you to view the traffic counts at different points of time. Use these buttons to perform playback of traffic just like you would with a DVR.
8. Apart from the DVR buttons there is a dragger on the slider that allows you see the state of traffic at a specific time.
9. Hovering over an EPG name gives you the Application associated with the EPG. If the EPG is in a different tenant, the tooltip will tell you the name of the other tenant as well.


This application sends RESTful API queries to APIC to for retrieving statistical data.

Statistical data for contract hit traffic is maintained for 1 hour after contract is removed from active deployment.
While doing playback of past data, traffic for such contracts will not be shown in the Contract Viewer App. By default, statistical data for contract hit traffic is maintained for past 15 minutes as 3 samples, each covering
5 minutes. You can change the statistics retention policy to keep such data for longer duration. However, due to higher memory requirements retention duration should not be increased when the number of contract rule - filter combination is more than 5000.


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Sorry, I did not mean to give 1 star.

Posted by Malik Makour

Cisco should add checksum to these files, how are we supposed to put Apps with admin Access if we cant verify the checksum.